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• Payment
 • Cancellations and Changes 
• Legal and Disclaimers


Any purchases made with The Roman Gay, whether through the website or through customer service by telephone, are subject to these terms and conditions. By booking through us, you acknowledge your agreement to these terms and conditions on behalf of the guests designated in the booking.

These terms and conditions may not be changed or altered in any way except in a writing signed with the authority of this company. Verbal changes to these terms and policy are not authorized by the company management.


Payment Methods:
The following are the only payment methods accepted by theromangay.com:
• Mastercard
• Visa
• American Express
• PayPal

All tours and services purchased through our company must be paid in full at the time you place your order for a reservation. Please note that payments to our company are processed for us by PayPal.com who is the payment processor for theromangay.com. Your credit card statement may show “The Roman Gay” as the payee. We cannot guarantee any tour reservation until payment is received from you. Guests are responsible for all fees associated with credit card payments

Customers are responsible for verification of the accuracy of their order as displayed in the shopping cart before clicking to complete the transaction. Once you complete your order, you and your reservation are strictly governed by these terms and conditions.


Guests with coupon codes or who otherwise qualify for a discount must apply the discount prior to purchase subject to the following restrictions and limitations:
• No retroactive discounts
• No stacking of promotional codes
• Promotional codes may not be consolidated, transferred or reused unless otherwise noted
• Promotional codes expire one year from the date of issuance unless another date is expressly noted

Guests with questions about promotional codes and discounts should contact the company for more information


Prices displayed for the tours listed on our website are based upon local currency unless noted otherwise. Bookings through our website are processed in euros. Guests may request processing of bookings in a currency other than euros, but doing so requires advance notification through either an email or over the telephone through a customer service representative.

We use licensed software for bookings that automatically sets exchange rates. Customer service representatives do not control the rates that are displayed on the page. We will gladly provide you with additional information about exchange rates, currencies and payment options if you contact us in advance of booking your tour.

Delays associated with group and private tours or private transfer services:
When you book a service, we will send you an email confirmation with instructions about meeting time and location. We ask that you arrive at the specified location at least 15 minutes before the tour is scheduled to begin. Leave yourself enough time to get to meeting points.

If you or those traveling with you are running late, or if you are having difficulty finding the meeting location, contact our office at the number printed in the confirmation email. We will endeavor to help you as best as we can, but please bear in mind that arriving at meeting points is your responsibility. Tour operators are not responsible for guests who fail to arrive on time.

Late arrivals and no shows: The company is not responsible for the failure of guests to arrive at meeting locations. Guests acknowledge their understanding that the company will not issue refunds or re-bookings for late arrivals or no shows once the tour commences or departs.


It is essential for guests and all members of their party to have valid, government issued identification in their possession at the designated meeting location for the tour. Guests who have received a discount because of age or status as a student must be certain to have identification. Students should also carry with them valid proof of their student status.




We have a 72-hour easy cancellation policy. Any cancellations that occur 72 hours or more before the scheduled time are eligible for a FULL REFUND or re-booked (if available) at no additional cost to the client.

Cancellations between 36-72 hours before the event may be transferred to a different date/time of the same tour (if available) or another tour available on our platform. (A transfer fee between 10% to 35% may be applied).

Cancellation requests made within 36 hours of the tour date/time cannot be refunded or transferred.

Because of the new rules made by cooperative responsable for Colosseum tickets, including nominative tickets for Under the Moon and Dungeons tour, these two tours are not 100% refundable even before 72h, since the nominative tickets need to be bought in advance and are lost in case of cancellation. The cost of the tickets will not be refunded, the cost of the tour yes.

All cancellation requests/tour changes must be made either by email theromangay@gmail.com or by calling (0039) 392 0277461. All bookings eligible for refunds are processed within 24 hours of request.


We reserve the right to change the company policy pertaining to cancellations and amendments at our sole discretion. All policy changes shall apply to all tours booked after the effective date and time of the policy change. Questions or concerns about our cancellation and amendment policy may be directed to us at itheromangay@gmail.com.


All tours purchased by theromangay.com are sold as a package. We cannot grant refunds for portions of a tour package that has not been used by a guest. We are not responsible for pre-purchased tickets to sites or tours that guests purchase from vendors other than theromangay.com. We will not reimburse guests for all or any part of such fees charged by other vendors.



We strongly urge all guests to acquire travel insurance to protect them in the event of unforeseen events or circumstances, such as weather, strikes or other natural disasters, necessitating delays or cancellations. Guests are encouraged to obtain medical insurance and personal insurance to protect them in the event of serious illness or accident, lost luggage, loss or theft of personal property or other mishaps that might occur when traveling.

Guests understand and agree that our company and any of our local partners, with whom we may contract for services, are not responsible for any unforeseen circumstances that may occur and agree to hold us and them harmless from any liability. Any claims related to unforeseen circumstances, losses or illness must be submitted directly to the insurance carrier with whom the guest has arranged coverage.


theromangay.com and its affiliated brands, entities, employees, agents, subsidiaries and websites act in the capacity of agent for the suppliers with whom we contract for transportation, sightseeing, guide services, escort and other related services and activities in connection with the tours we arrange and book on behalf of guests. The services we arrange for our guests are subject to the terms and conditions set by the suppliers of those services.
As an agent of the suppliers, we do not own, control or operate anyone providing the services for the tours and related activities. Accordingly, we do not hire, select or control the manner of operation, policies, equipment, or employees and personnel of the suppliers. We are, therefore, not liable for accidents or mishaps that might occur on any of the tours or activities, including:

  • Personal injury
• Death
• Damage to property
• Accidents
• Delays
• Inconvenience
• Irregularities

We do not accept any responsibility or assume any liability for any occurrence including:

  • Sickness or injury
• Weather or other forces of nature
• Strikes, hostilities, war or acts of terrorism
• Local laws and regulations
• Wrongful, negligent or willful acts, whether or not authorized, on the part of suppliers, agents or their employees
• Supplier omissions, defaults or other acts related to performance of services by suppliers, their agents or their employees
• Defects or failure of any vehicles or equipment provided by or on behalf of suppliers
• Wrongful, willful or negligent acts or failure to act on the part of suppliers or others who are not under the direct supervision and control of Exploreitalytours.com

All services and accommodations are offered and booked subject to the laws of the country in which those services and accommodations are to be provided.


We are not an insurer of the personal property of our guests. theromangay.com shall not be responsible for the luggage and other personal property of our guests or others participating in any of our tour packages. We encourage and recommend that our guests obtain for insurance coverage for themselves and for their belongings prior to the start date for any of the tours we offer.


The Roman Gay will attempt, within the limits of its ability to do so, to arrange for alternative accommodations, reschedule activities or services, or provide a refund, subject to our discretion and availability, for disruption of tour services due to site or attraction closure or unavailability caused by force majeure, acts of God, strikes or other unforeseen events or activities over which we have no control.


The relationship between theromangay.com and its guests and others taking advantage of the services provided shall be governed by the applicable laws of Italy. This shall include disputes arising under these Terms and Conditions.

Disputes or disagreements shall be made by submitting them in writing to the other party. Such disputes, including those related to the construction, application or interpretation of these terms of use shall be submitted to mediation with all parties agreeing to participate. If disputes and disagreements cannot be resolved in mediation, they shall be submitted to binding arbitration. The location and jurisdiction for any lawsuit shall be determined by the company in its sole and complete discretion.


These Terms and Conditions represent the complete understanding between the parties that supersedes and replaces all prior agreements, both oral and written, that may have existed. Invalidity of any portion of this agreement by decision of a court of competent jurisdiction shall not pertain to the specific provision dealt with by the court and no other. The remainder of this agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

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